NAME Violet Beauregarde
AGE 12
BIRTH DATE 1959 (1971) 1993 (2005)
HAIR COLOR Brown (1971) Blonde (After inflation:blue) (2005)
EYE COLOR Brown (1971) Green (After inflation:blue) (2005)

Denise Nickerson (1971)

Annasophia Robb (2005)

TRAITS Competitive attitude
OCCUPATION Record Chewing Gum Holder
IS FROM Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie et la chocolaterie

Annasophia-Robb as Violet

Violet 1

Denise Nickerson as Violet


Violet was one of the five lucky winners of a rare golden ticket which gave them the opportunity to get an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. After Augustus' accident, the group visited the Inventing Room where Mr.Wonka showed them a machine and to Violet's delight, it made a stick of gum. However, it was no ordinary stick of gum but was a three course meal of tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie. The gum was still in its experimental stage and had many bugs that need to be worked out, but Violet did not care and took the gum because she is "not afraid of anything". The gum progressed through its first two courses and she enjoyed them but when it made it to the desert (which was blueberry pie), her mother and/or father noticed Violet's face turning purple and then violet and then darkening to blue as she kept chewing the gum. Violet then started swelling up and became a round blueberry. She eventually got so big she couldn't walk and so, had to be rolled out by the Oompa Loompas en route to the Juicing Room to have the juiced squeezed out of her.



In this version she was wearing a blue buttoned dress with a red belt that blocks some of her swelling. Her inflation begins when her face starts to turns a bright pink and then darken into a rich, dark blue. The color eventually spreads to the rest of her body. Then, her chest, hips, and arms begin to swell. Her belt prevents her stomach from swelling as her arms begin to rise at a 90% angle because of the belt. Eventually, the belt snaps, causing her belly to immediately bulge out of its confines. Violet then looks around in shock as her stomach continues to grow. Her arms are then raised more, since they are also swelling. Violet's thighs are also inflating at the same rate as her stomach. As her body swells up more and more, her belt snapped causing her to look around in shock. Mike Teevee then pokes her stomach, causing her to waddle back, and her fat arms to flap. Violet then begins to yell for help. Her body then starts to round out, and her neck, arms, and legs are sucked into her round body. Violet's collar then starts to lift up, representing the top of a blueberry. Mr Wonka brings in the Oompa Loompas to deal with Violet and sing a song as she waddles around the room. Although, due to her girth, they lower her down and start rolling her back and forth and finally, out the door. Unlike the remake, however, Violet's brown hair and eyes don't change color, and she is not near as big as the Violet in the remake. Violet's 1971 inflation also didn't reveal her belly button or even any part of her stomach.

1971 Blueberry

Violet Beauregarde turns into a Blueberry (FULL HD)

Violet Beauregarde turns into a Blueberry (FULL HD)


In this version, Violet is wearing a light blue tracksuit and white trainer sneakers with dark blue on heels and toes and with light blue laces When she chews the gum, she starts turning blue from her nose outwards to her face, hair and body. When she notices this change, she looks at her hand while it's turning blue and asks her mother what is happening to her. Stains of juice appear on the light blue fabric of her tracksuit as her stomach starts to inflate like a balloon. When she notices this, she looks down at her inflating stomach. She then jerks up with her hands next to her in a table top position as her stomach keeps pushing outward. Violet then drags her hand across her stomach, feeling her growing belly. As she does this, a dark blue hand print forms on her tracksuit, as it is still turning into a darker shade of blue. After she is finished with this, her tracksuit is completely blue. and so does her sneakers. Her rear end then bloats outward, having her almost lose her balance. The added size pushes her pants down a little, creating a gap between her shirt and pants that She looks back at her huge rear, but turns forward as her midsection grows out. Since her midsection is so big, she can't put her arms all the way down. The crowd is slowly stepping away from her as she gets bigger. Her stomach is also exposed, since her belly is outgrowing her tracksuit, showing her bloated belly button. Violet's cheeks then begins to swell, and her eyes turn from green to a dark blue. Her shoulders and stomach also begin to rise, making her taller. Violet feels the top of her belly (as her hands can no longer reach most of it), and continues to rise. The gap between her shirt and pants gets larger as well. Violet begins to sway as her whole body swells up and becomes rounder. Her legs are sucked into her waist, allowing her crotch to touch the ground and make her immobile. Her arms are sucked into her sides, her head seemingly sinks into her fat body, and then she finishes growing. Her body, now 10 feet tall, sways slowly, being completely rounded out with a chubby face, fat hands and bloated feet. Violet, being a 10 foot tall blueberry, can almost reach the catwalks above the floor. She can no longer see anything below her, only above. Like the original, Mr Wonka brings in the Oompa Loompas to help Violet and sing a song while she is rolled toward the room. Due to Violet's size, they are able to roll her forwards instead of sideways and dance on top of her. Violet moans and calls out for help while they sing. As the Oompa Loompas begin to push Violet in the exit, she gets stuck due to her size. Violet calls out to her mother for help. Her mother and the Oompa Loompas put their hands on Violet's belly as they give a huge push, which lets her into the exit.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (3 5) Movie CLIP - Violet Turns Violet (2005) HD

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (3 5) Movie CLIP - Violet Turns Violet (2005) HD

181329211 orig

2005 Blueberry



Violet's inflation in 1971 may be what started the fetish for many people from a young age. Of course, Violet's inflation in 2005 has also expanded the fetish, triggering many types of fan art.


  • Her belt snapping in the original
  • Her moaning in the remake
  • Her shock at what's happening
  • Her rear end bloating in the remake
  • Violet waddling in the original
  • Her belly showing in the remake.
  • Violet getting stuck in the remake
  • The bloating sounds in the remake.
  • Her enormous size in the remake
  • Her swelling cheeks in the remake
  • The Oompa Loompas boucing off her like a trampoline in the remake