Tucker Williams, a twelve-year-old boy who can enlarge and inflate himself at will, as well as a character from the 2006 film, Zoom is a 2006 American family superhero adventure comedy film based upon the children's book Amazing Adventures from Zoom's Academy by Jason Lethcoe.

Tucker's bioEdit

NAME: Tucker Williams

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Hair color: Brown

Skin Color: Caucasian

Size: Chubby( Slightly fatter)

Role in Zoom Edit

He first appears at the pool with the other children, about to climb up the ladder to the diving board of the pool. As he would come up and onto the board a boy in the pool would laugh before shouting to everyone," Hey, check it out! Lard-Butt is going to snap the board in half!". Tucker, being chubby, tries to ignore this remark, despite his hefty and chubby frame. As this is to be, he prepares to dive from the board. He prepares for a few seconds before he jumps from the board. As he does however, his butt quickly inflates to a massive size, his chubby top and legs kicking and wriggling ten times too small. the boy in the pool screams, the others gasping and exclaiming in surprise as the boy falls into the pool, his massive rear, nearing close. In the end of the scene, upon impact, Tucker Williams splashes all the water out from the pool and onto all in the area.

Afterwards, Tucker appears as one of the children that would show up for the audition for the new Zenith team. As of his audition show, he stands for a second or more, holding his arms above his big, distended belly. This would go for no time until Jack would ask Marsha," What is-Is he doing it or is he naturally that chubby?". This gives Tucker the steaming emotion to bloat up his foot to size so big that his sock is flung onto the doctors face. He then inflates his head so big that he is as a bobble head straining to balance himself. This however is succeeded as he gives a flirting expression to Marsha, who replies," So cool!". He is then welcomes into the group.

It is following the formation of the new group that training is to begin. Most notably, there was Tucker's Training. The problem was that he wasn't confident enough as he did have any control of his powers. In fact as Tucker was sitting along in the chamber with Marsha. It was as of this that Marsha would ask if Tucker could try to expand. But Tucker would say that he was trying, to which Jack( Captain Zoom) would say to Marsha that she was wasting her time with Tucker. To this Marsha would angrily reply that he was undemrining his confidence. As this would be, Jack would say," What confidence? He is a lazy, little Chubba-Bubba". To this, Tucker would build the confidence to quickly inflate himself. As of this moment, within seconds, he would burst his uniform as his belly would burst from it and coming to Jack. He would try to get away as Tucker's belly would overpower him, trapping the former superhero between his belly and the window.

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