Welcome to the Inflation Station Edit

This Wiki explores many types and areas of inflation and expansion from the fetish. The pages on this Wiki are as follows:

Authourship and ContributionEdit

The original author and creator of this wiki is gobbledeegobble who has a fetish for breast, butt, belly, body, BBW inflations. Here are some links:

Please help turning this wiki into a leading hub for Inflation and Expansion fetishes by contributing, editing and devloping

This is Gobbledeegobble here. I started this wiki on a whim a few years ago just to entertain myself, eventually I got lazy and gave up on it. In that time I would revisit the Inflation Station from time to time just to humor myself but recently when I checked back in I noticed there was actual activity. That fellow inflation fetishists like I were actually contributing and helping to fix and edit my stuff while also adding their own stuff. One of the reasons I got bored and left the wiki is because it seemed like nobody cared or was even visiting. Even if some of the comments I see are negative I'm still surprised people are checking the wiki out. You guys have made me incredibly happy and it's safe to say I'm back. Let's keep the Inflation Station expanding.

Latest activityEdit

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