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NAME: Gregory Banks

Age: Teenager (age unspecified; 12 in the book)

Gender: Male

Hair color: Blonde

Skin Color: Caucasian

He appears in the Goosebumps novel and TV episode "Say Cheese and Die!" and in the sequel "Say Cheese and Die... Again!"

THE WEIGHT GAIN( in the episode)Edit

Greg is failing a report for Mr. Saur's class: his project had to be about a true event that happened in his life. He wrote a report about his supernatural encounter with the evil camera he found the year before. (For those who don't know, when someone takes a picture of someone else with the evil camera, it shows something horrible happening to the person in the picture, which is what will occur in the future.) Greg is failing is because Mr. Saur doesn't believe his tale, so Greg comes up with a plan: he intends to steal the camera from where he and his friend Shari left it the first time and take it to class the next day to prove the camera is real, and he does just that.

The next day Shari finds out that he went back and got the camera, and she wants him to dispose of it before anything happens. Greg is defiant because he doesn't want to fail. They fight over the camera and in the struggle, the camera takes a picture of Shari. Shari is scared, wondering what will happen to her because she disappeared last time and does not want it to happen again. The picture turns out to be a negative of Shari so this makes Greg think the camera is broken, so just for giggles, Shari takes a picture of Greg saying, "If it's broken, you wouldn't mind me taking your picture." Greg's picture shows him being obese, weighing over 400 pounds, and he worries that the camera may not be broken.


Greg wakes up and stretches his arms


He realizes that something is wrong


Greg cries out in horror when he finds he is fat


Greg's belly grows fatter and hangs out of his shirt


Greg, now morbidly obese, calls for Terry to hurry and reverse the photos

Later that night, Greg inspects himself in the mirror. He pulls up his shirt and sticks out his stomach, thinking, "Anyone can stick their stomach out. That's normal. Everything's gonna be ok." But when Greg wakes up, his pajamas rip and his body seems bigger. He looks in the mirror and sees that he has become very fat. Shari calls Greg and tries to talk to him, but he's interrupted by his mom calling him to get ready for school. Greg finds that he is now too big for all of his clothes, but in the end, he gives up and colapses on the bed and breaks it, then he puts on the biggest clothes he can find.

When he enters his class, he is welcomed with laughs and snickering from the group and even Mr. Saur doesn't recognize him. When he finally does, Saur thinks that Greg is just wearing a "grotesque costume" with "padding". Saur pulls up Greg's shirt to reveal the "padding", but it turns out to be Greg's belly, which is really big, evidenced by Greg's belly button being deeper. Saur dismisses this and also believes that the camera is a fake because of its weird design and tells Greg to be seated. When Greg gets into his chair, he becomes heavier and the chair collapses under his growing bulk. Everyone laughs, and Greg leaves the room out of embarrassment.

When he gets home, Greg has gained even more weight so the water in his fish bowl ripples when he comes downstairs to answer the door. When he answers the door, Shari is there, but she is much thinner. She explains that she has been losing weight all day, and not even food can reverse it (she even admits to having lost 10 pounds in only a matter of hours). They realize that if nothing is done, Greg will explode and Shari will fade out of existence. Greg thinks that if they took another picture, it will return them to normal. Then Shari gets a weak feeling as she loses yet another pound. Then Greg grows fatter and his shirt rides up, showing his belly. They try Greg's plan, but it completely backfires because in the new picture, Greg is even fatter. He instantly gains more weight to where his thighs begin to expand. Shari says that they need to think positive, which gives Greg an idea.


Greg becoming too fat for his clothes, about to explode

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When they come to the photo shop, Shari is almost wasted away and Greg is morbidly fat

The next day, they go to where Greg's big brother Terry works (which is where pictures are developed). There, they ask him to make Shari's picture (a negative) a positive and make Greg's picture (a positive) a negative. By now, Greg is so fat that his jeans are too tight and he has to wear an extra-large jacket to cover his huge belly. In contrast, Shari has become so thin that her skin and hair have turned shades of grey, a sign that she is beginning to fade away. At first, Terry cannot believe what he is seeing, but after seeing their distress, he agrees to help. As he works, Greg and Shari sit in the back of the workplace, moaning in agony as they are still undergoing the transformations. Greg calls for Terry to hurry up, but it becomes too much for them. Greg becomes even more obese, and his jeans rip as he is about to explode. Shari withers to almost a skeleton but at the last moment, she and Greg are returned to normal and are elated to be restored.

THE WEIGHT GAIN (in the book)Edit

The plot of the book is almost the same. Greg is failing his report assignment because Mr. Saur does not believe his tale, so he goes to the old house where the evil camera lies and steals it. Shari finds him with it and in they struggle, resulting with the camera taking the pictures of each of them. The picture shows Greg morbidly obese, like a "gross mountain of pudding". However, in the book, Greg's weight gain occurs differently. He starts becoming heavier, resulting in the tires on his bike popping, but his worries are not piqued just yet. When Greg wakes up one morning, all the buttons on his pajama shirt burst off, and his sleeves and his pajama pants rip. Upon looking in the mirror, Greg is only chubby, with round cheeks and wide shoulders.

When he comes to school, Mr. Saur dismisses his claims about the evil camera and mocks his increased weight, but he allows Greg to give his report. When Greg tries to get out of his seat, he has become very fat and is wedged between his chair and his desk. When he manages to get out, Greg tries to give his report and shows Mr. Saur the picture of Jon with the nail through his foot, but Mr. Saur dismisses everything and still fails him. Greg angrily leaves the classroom, and he finds that he can only waddle now. He meets Shari and finds that she is constantly growing thinner due to the picture the evil camera snapped of her. When Greg tries to help Shari pick up her books, his jeans rip open as he bends over.

Greg continues to grow fatter and fatter, encountering one problem after another. At afterschool baseball, Greg's shirt is too small for his enormous belly and his jeans are constricting his flabby legs. As Greg trots to first base, everyone makes sumo jokes about him. When he manages to hit the ball, Greg runs for and reaches second base but falls on his back. He tries rolling back and forth but gives up and calls his friends for help. When Greg gets home, he is obese, with sweat rolling down his cheeks, and his shirt is growing tighter. In his room, Greg waddles to his clothes drawer in attempt to put on some baggy shorts. Desperate to get comfortable, he tries to get into his baggy shorts, but finds in horror that he is too big for them.

By evening, Greg is even fatter and can barely walk. He has extra chins, he can barely lift his arms and legs, and his fat belly jiggles with his every move. His parents think that Greg's extreme weight gain is due to an allergic reaction and Greg can't convince them otherwise. The next morning, Greg pleads his parents not to take him to school, to no avail. Greg tries to get into his parents' car to got to school, but he is too fat to get into the car and all he can wear is his dad's baggy running suit, which is tight on him. He has to squeeze his blubbery body through the doors at school that day. In class, Mr. Saur constantly mocks and bullies Greg for his startling weight gain, eventually sending him to the nurse to discuss the food groups. By that time, Greg has to lift his belly to fit through the doorway. He meets Shari, who is even thinner and they realize that the evil camera's photos have cursed them and caused Shari to shrink away and Greg to gain weight.

After school, Greg's father picks Greg up in a rental van so he can take him to see Dr. Weiss about his weight gain. But Greg keeps growing fatter, and this causes problems in the doctor's office: he is so heavy that the scale can't read his weight and Dr. Weiss' stethoscope gets stuck in Greg's chest flab. That evening, Greg calls Shari and plans to come over with the camera, hoping that another photo will reverse the transformations. On his way, Jon catches sight of Greg, who tries to return to his house, but too late. However, Jon doesn't recognize Greg due to his weight, and Greg lies to Jon to escape.

When he comes over, Shari is even skinnier than before, and is startled to see how obese Greg is. Shari helps Greg squeeze through the door and up to her room. Greg is so heavy that when he sits on Shari's bed, it snaps under his crushing weight. But Greg eagerly waits for Shari to take his picture( hoping for it to show him thin) to be taken. They try Greg's plan, but after the photo is taken, the photo shows Greg is still fat and now his skin is cracking off. Greg suggested taking Shari's picture, believing she would have better luck, to Shari's disagreement. Greg is growing bigger by the minute, and he tries to scratch his neck, but his arms are so flabby he can't lift them. Even his feet are fat and ripping through his shoes. Shari groans with strain as she tries to help Greg onto his feet. Then Greg's shirt rips, releasing his gigantic belly, which knocks Shari into the wall. Shari tells Greg not to panic and that they must "think positive" and Greg has an idea.

The next day, Greg and Shari go to visit Greg's brother, Terry, at the photo store. By now, Greg needs to catch his breath every few steps while holding onto Shari to keep her from being blown in the wind. Terry doesn't recognize Greg at first, but Greg tells him the problem. Greg asks Terry to reverse the photos before it's too late and offers allowance in advance, and Terry agrees to try. But even as Terry works to reverse the photos, Greg and Shari's conditions only grow worse. Greg grows bigger until he cannot see past his huge belly, and his feet hurt from carrying so much weight. Meanwhile, Shari continues to waste away and is losing energy fast. Greg and Shari leave the store but as they do, Greg gains even more weight until his clothes rip off, leaving Greg in nothing but his underwear, which disappears under his layers of fat. Greg and Shari look at each other, believing that they are doomed... The next morning, Greg and Shari are returned to normal and are relieved to be free of the curse. At school, Mr. Saur still hasn't changed his opinion and won't raise Greg's grade. But this time, Greg gets his revenge by having Mr. Saur take a picture of the whole class.

​How this was hilariousEdit

  1. Greg's chubby body in the episode and book
  2. Greg's massive belly having being lifted in the book
  3. Greg's muffled voice in the book
  4. Greg's ultimate fall fail at baseball in the book
  5. Greg's clothes ripping in the book
  6. Greg's thighs in the episode
  7. Greg squeezing through the car, school door and van and other doors
  8. Greg's seat being smashed in the episode
  9. Greg's weight gain in the book
  10. Greg's expansion in the episode
  11. The stethoscope getting stuck in Greg's massive chest flab
  12. Greg's bed-smashing bottom in the book
  13. Greg kicking his legs in the book
  14. The buttons popping off in the book
  15. Greg's massive belly sending Shari flying across the room
  16. Greg's ultimate weight gain in the book