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Esme hoggets is a woman in babe pig in the city who is the wife of a farmer who gets injured and can't do the work she then has to go to the city because her husbands best pig is stolen to get slaughtered she meets a woman and they then find the pig and go home.

the inflation

esmes inflation is when her clothes are soaked in glue and she has to wear a clown outfit when she goes to the ball room she bumps into a man who acidently pulls a tag which causes the suit to inflate

what is sexy about this

the way she turns round before she inflates

the woman behind the man (or More specifically the thought of everyone watching as she inflates into a giant pink ball while her clothes rip off)

the moans of esme

the clown suit ripping and popping

Esme's exposed rubber feet

Esme's moans when she's on the ground covered in balloons