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Slowly Inflating

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Thiccc esme

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Pink leggings

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Bungee Harness Inflation

Bungee Harness Inflation

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Esme Hoggett is a woman in the 1998 comedy-drama film “Babe Pig In the City” who is the wife of a farmer (Arthur Hoggett) who gets injured and can't work after an accident involving the titular pig, Babe. Esme is forced to take Babe into the city to avoid his slaughter and get the money required to save the farm from being sold.

The Inflation Edit

Esme’s original dress is ruined when it is covered in glue from a prior accident and it tears open up the back when she tries to bend over, and she asks the Landlady “Got anything that’ll fit me?” which in turn let’s the Landlady a clown outfit. Over the course of the movie the lave, on the back reading “DO NOT PULL” is removed from her costume, which causes a pink balloon to rapidly inflate around her lower half and destroy her outfit.

What Do People Find Sexy? Edit

A number of factors during the “Ballroom Scene” can’t be considered sexually attractive by fans. For example parts leading up to the inflation can include the way Esme turns her head and looks over her shoulder seconds before inflating, as well as a previous shot of her bare feet which are covered in the same material that later expands.

Esme moans in ways that can be compared to orgasmic while she is inflating, and the outfit’s destruction is almost rhythmic in how it’s seams pop and split in a melodic fashion in-sync with Esme’s own moans.

The reactions of onlookers can also spark arousal in fans, more specifically particular lady standing just behind the waiter that Esme had hit prior. Many of the reactions have led fans to believe that the female onlookers become mildly jealous or aroused during Esme’s inflation.

The way Esme’s suit is damaged allows for fans to get a clear peek at her inflating body before much damage is done. The suit splits down particular seams that allow a pink, rubbery substance to be observed. Shortly before this, Esme’s lower half bulges up inside the suit, teasing the audience.

Esme’s final size is another attractive feature. Her sheer volume is enough to drive many fans insane. Shortly after she finishes inflating Esme attempts to reach for her pig, but slips as her tiny rubber feet keep her giant rubber behind anchored to the rim of the balcony. This allows for multiple angles of Esme’s body, including a view where her shirt has popped open due to the pressure and another that allows for a clear view of Esme’s rubber soles. Following this is multiple scenes of Esme bouncing around on her giant behind, which usually produce a deep “boing” sound.

After the chandelier keeping Esme aloft crumbles, Shen falls to the ground and rolls a few feet as blue balloons begin descending on the crowd, including Esme. This leads to an exceedingly sexual angle of Esme attempting to stand, with her rear facing the camera as she lays face-down in the balloons and struggles to get up, her feet sinking into her behind as she once again moans sexually, almost as if she is preparing herself for sexual intercourse.

What Would Fans Like to do to Esme? Edit

Fans of this scene typically like to imagine a younger more attractive woman in this scene but more sexy. Some fans like imagining girls with big ass wearing tight pants with the "DO NOT PULL" sign on the back only to pull it and watch the girl inflate.

Some fans also find the clown suit before inflating also sexy with it's trousers and squeaking noises. Fans also note how in their own personal fantasies of this scene it usually ends with the blue balloons falling down on whoever inflated. The inflated balloon also has to be pink, or rarely orangish with it becoming darker to better fit on girls with darker skin. Fans have waited for inflation sites like TaylorMadeClips or Blowupgirls to recreate the scene.

Fans also draw attention to prior scenes in the movie, most notably the airplane scene (where Esme accidentally inflates a lifejacket), many of the scenes that have the camera focussed on Esme’s behind, and of course the scene where her dress explodes and reveals her large posterior. This, paired with numerous references to inflation, gives fans the idea that the film was foreshadowing Esme’s inflation from the beginning.

Deleted Scenes Edit

In the home release of babe pig in the city there was a scene cut from the movie that was originally viewable in the theaters. The scene cut was one that would have given more content as to why Esme inflates. After Esme kicks the waiter carrying babe into a table another waiter jumps on a table and grabs on to esme's legs. He looses his grip some and begins to cling on to esme's stockings which stretch all the way down to the ballroom floor. The waiter (now on the ground) begins spinning Esme violently around the ballroom having her swing at very fast speeds. Babe sees this and trips the waiter having him rip off esme's tights along with her shoes after this scene is where she knocks the waiter down who pulls the sign.
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Another example of how the inflation would look like with a younger woman

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Fans recreating the inflation but with sexy women

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