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NAME Marjorie Dursley
AGE late 40s to 50s
HAIR COLOR Grey (in book) & Ginger (in film)

Pam Ferris

TRAITS Unpleasant and Arrogant
IS FROM Harry Potter and the

Prisoner of Azkaban

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Aunt Marge

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Marjorie Eileen Dursley is a character from the novel and film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling. She is the sister of Vernon Dursley, sister in law of Petunia Dursley and aunt of Dudley Dursley. She is a very arrogant, mean and overweight woman who breeds dogs as a living. In 1993, Marge came to the Dursley's house for a visit where throughout she was very ignorant towards Harry by treating him like a slave. Previous to Marge's arrival, Harry had be threatened by Vernon not to be disrespectful or misbehave while Marge was present. During dinner, Marge disrespected Harry's dead parents while he was in the kitchen working, causing him come out and to tell her to shut up. Marge became very angry, pointed her finger at Harry and was about to tell him off when she started inflating up, floated out of the room and into the sky like a balloon. She was successfully deflated by the Ministry of Magic.

Marge's Inflation Edit

Marge's inflation starts when the end of her finger she was pointing at harry swells up while her nail struggles to hold on. This causes her and the others to look confused at whats happening to her. Suddenly her face expands and body start swelling up, stretching the fabric of her clothes, her already large breasts balloon bigger and so does her tweed covered belly, moaning all the while. Her butt bloats sticking her to the chair. Her legs inflate causing her tights to rip, while her feet bloat out of her shoes. As the swelling continues, her swollen belly causes buttons to start popping off her jacket, Marge then begs Vernon to "do something" as her bloated girth traps her in her chair, bloating over the arms of her chair, she flaps her hands, this growth causes her blimping form to push back from the table. Her necklace then breaks allowing her neck and face to expand further giving her a massive double chin. As Marge becomes even larger, she is forced to hold on to the table as her chair starts to lift off the ground. A short time later, her blimp booty becomes to big for the chair, breaking it, freeing her body to rise up and bounce of the ceiling like a helium balloon. She then floats towards the conservatory, her enormous stomach and basketball sized breasts bounce off it's glass roof and out the open double door. Marge makes her last attempt to stop floating away by trying to grab onto the sides of the door frame, however, this fails and she floats away. Vernon runs out and grabs onto Marge to weigh her down, although she is too big and takes him with her. Vernon is forced to let go of her and she flies away. Marge is seen later in the film being blown about in the sky by the wind.

During Marge's inflation, Vernon tried to help her but was attacked by her dog Ripper. Dudley was unaware Marge was inflating until one of the beads from her necklace landed in his pudding, and Petunia did nothing and sat through her inflation as she was so shocked at what was happening. Marge's inflation was concentrated in her belly, butt and breasts. Her legs, arms and face also swoll up but not to the same extent. She was presumably inflated by helium gas causing her to float up into the air.

Blowing Up Aunt Marge - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban HD

Blowing Up Aunt Marge - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban HD

Aunt Marge's inflation

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  • Marge's moans and whines during her inflation
  • Her double chin fusing her neck and face
  • Her stomach swelling as big as it did
  • The shape of her round body at the end of the sequence
  • The realistic effects of the inflation
  • The reactions from the other characters particularly Petunia's awkward and confused shock
  • Her stockings ripping and her feet bulging out of her shoes
  • The growth of her belly pushing out the chair
  • The buttons popping
  • The stiffening of her fingers, arms and legs
  • Her cleavage
  • The low bubbling and gurgling noises
  • The "Bloomph!" noises whenever she hits into something
  • The fact that she had it coming

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