Audrey Griswold eating dream scene00:57

Audrey Griswold eating dream scene

Sexy gif
Audrey eating and being served
Audrey getting bigger

THE INFLATION: On the plane trip to Europe, all of the Griswolds end up having dreams about what wonders await them in Europe. Most of the family has good dreams, except for Audrey. She has a nightmare in which she is served a feast fit for a king, eating as much as she can. However, Audrey doesn't realize that the waiters seem to be fattening her up. Eventually, Audrey is full to bursting but wants to eat more. She keeps eating until she is almost obese. The buttons on Audrey's shirt pop off, exposing her stuffed belly. She moans "No!" in her sleep, as if worried that her nightmare will become real.

Mmm buttons popping off and reaching for more

WHY THIS IS SEXY: 1: How much food she is given

2: How intense the scene seems

3: How Audrey seems to be fattening up

4: The buttons popping as her belly grows

5: How Audrey goes to reach for more food, even though she has gotten so fat she can't move

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