What is inflation/expansion?*

It is a genre of fan art featuring people (mainly females) who have been inflated or expanded in various areas of their body most notably in their breasts, stomach, butt or their entire body. The list below is the most common types of inflation/expansion:

  • Breast Inflation/Expansion involves a woman’s breasts to be inflated to an extremely large size as if they were balloons
  • Butt Inflation/Expansion involves a person's buttocks to be inflated
  • Belly Inflation/Expansion involves a person consuming a large quantity of food (known as stuffing) and drinking too much liquid making their belly expand. It can also involve a person being inflated full of air or liquid. Additionally, some belly expansion is associated with hyper pregnancy where the woman is impregnated with a large amount of offspring.
  • Body Inflation/Expansion involves the inflation of an entire body, typically depicting the person's torso encapsulating their legs, arms and head.
  • Male Inflation/Expansion involves areas of the male body, most commonly the genitalia being inflated
  • Weight Gain involves people gaining extreme amounts of body fat. This area often overlaps with transformation fetish known as Transformation Weight Gain, where a person gains weight as a result of being transformed into another being

Where did the fetish originate?**

  • One of the earliest known possible inspirations for body inflation was a 1902 illustration from the Hawaiian Gazette newspaper humorously illustrates the Anti-Saloon League and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union’s campaign against the producers and sellers of beers in Hawaii.
  • In 1971, the musical fantasy film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory involved a girl named Violet Beauregarde who inflated into a blueberry full of blueberry juice after trying a failed experimental gum.
  • In 1993, fighting video game Mortal Kombat 2 an early example of video game inflation. The character Kitana has a fatality called the Kiss of Death where she kisses the opponent, causing their body to inflate and explode into pieces
  • In 1994, it is rumoured an email list in 1994 may have formed the online inflation/expansion fetish community known today

What is sexual about inflation/expansion?***

  • Inflation/Expansion: The victim filling up
  • Transformation: Visible symptoms of the body expanding and rounding out and sometimes a blue hue on the skin
  • Breasts/Butt: Often sexual characteristics are the first to swell and become exaggerated
  • Humiliation/bondage: The victim's helplessness in stopping the transformation, decreased mobility as the inflation/expansion progresses, and the humiliation at being seen in the nude or in a bizarre inflated state
  • Sensation/stimulation: The victim feeling too full pressurised, needing a form of release
  • Lactation/arousal: The victim leaking from their nipples or elsewhere

References/Further Reading